A Portion of the Barbera Festival Proceeds Benefit the
Amador Community Foundation

Amador County is a beautiful and unique community. The Amador Community Foundation’s mission reflects this community by enhancing the lives and future of local residents through connecting people who care deeply with causes that matter.

The Amador Community Foundation is the vehicle for philanthropic giving in Amador County, explains Foundation Executive Director Kathleen Harmon. “We do this by respecting our community, listening for needs, acting courageously, honoring donor intent and maintaining Foundation integrity. It is a privilege to be a beneficiary of the Barbera Festival, which continues to highlight the regions associated with this popular varietal and its agricultural roots.”


To date the Barbera Festival has raised over $85,000 for the work of the Foundation in our community.


Five years ago,” she explains, “when the creators of the Barbera Festival approached us as beneficiaries of The Barbera Festival, the goal was twofold: to raise awareness of the varietal and raise funds and awareness for the Amador Community Foundation. From its inception, the Barbera Festival was an overwhelming success. To date the Barbera Festival has raised over $85,000 for the work of the Foundation in our community.”

Although the majority of the Foundation’s grants are directed by its donors, the Foundation’s own direct giving to local non-profits has grown exponentially in recent years. More and more, those who care about our community entrust the Foundation to focus resources at the root causes of problems where long-lasting change is possible.

Our work does not lend itself to sound bites or clever headlines,” summarizes Harmon. “We take a data-driven, results-based approach to Amador County’s challenges. Taking an honest look at the reasons behind those challenges, we focus our investments of time and funding on key leverage points resulting in the greatest impact.”

Last year, the ACF celebrated 15 years of community support and generosity. “As we set the stage for the future,” says Harmon, “we wonder what Amador County will look like 15 years from now? What quality of life will our children and grandchildren enjoy? What will the next generation of philanthropists care about? These questions are at the heart of our work as we move ahead, looking forward to being an integral part of the transformations made possible by the next 15 years of giving.